These pieces, although maybe not as hardcore as some would like, they are definitely more than the goodie-two-shoo purists would appreciate

This is my garden, the garden of the beginning of time, the birth of life. 10" X 13" prints available for $35 each.


This is the Devils Daughter in a murky existence between reality and the surreal. 10" X 13" prints available for $35 each.

This is my visible woman, I think she is pretty self explanatorily. 10" X 13" prints available for $35 each.


Sculpture    Novelties


Custom Work  Considered

And a fair warning to the future ladies of my life, you may find yourself immortalized on my page.

Shipping is additional. All weights and measurements are approximate. I personally have never liked being charged inflated shipping charges, or being stuck with any certain carrier, so as best as I can I will let you choose your carrier (sorry I can not hand deliver)

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