These pieces, although maybe not as hardcore as some would like, they are definitely more than the goodie-two-shoo purists would appreciate

This is Tara, beauty and danger she is my witchy woman. Tara is strait out of my mind as a colective of one of my D&D caractors. She is sourounded by the magic she is with all it's symbolisum, from life to death, the begining to the end. 10" X 13" prints available for $35 each.


This is Tarl, another of my D&D caractors. Yes he is a dwarf, but no one ever told him he was supose to be stupid or scared of water seeing's he was raised in an elvan orfanage, so maybe those are just learned trates, or maybe he is just a freak. Never the less in that shrivilled up old head is a brain, and a fairly dangerous one at that. He runs West Gate as Guildmaster of the Mask. And the pirates of the isles have well learned to quake in fear at the sight of his massive ship. 10" X 13" prints available for $35 each.

Ok, enough of my D&D charactors. This is my Dancer, my little slave girl. She is reminicent to old aribic dancers, which were always known to be the most exotic of them all. 10" X 13" prints available for $35 each.


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And a fair warning to the future ladies of my life, you may find yourself immortalized on my page.

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