These pieces, although maybe not as hardcore as some would like, they are definitely more than the goodie-two-shoo purists would appreciate.

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Mermaid Border

This is a nice piece for that added accent in interior design. Can be attached to a wall or sealing (she would make a beautiful border), or as a decorative piece most anywhere. Currently available in the color gold at $35. She measures 7.25"X5"X1". gold or white.


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Mermaid Faucet Handle 
Coming Soon. This will be a replacement handle for water faucets. It will be available only in solid brass. She measures 5"X2.25"X1".

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Coming Soon. This as the name implies will be a nice piece to decorate any doorway (Corbel's were traditionally used to support a the archway of a doorway and such, the arch rested on a protrusion from the wall called the Corbel. As Corbels became more and more decorative they were incorporated into other doorways solely as decoration, with no support value at all). This Corbel is purely decorative, she is made of traditional plaster reinforced with woven cloth, and measures 9"X15"X6.5".She is also hollow in back so she can be cut to fit most standard doorways. She will be avaialble for $75

For note of update: The Corbel, she is finished. She is very decorative and has received nothing but compliments. However her first mold was a disaster and she has suffered some minor damage. She will be repaired soon, and I am already contracting for a second mold.


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And a fair warning to the future ladies of my life, you may find yourself immortalized on my page.

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