Frank Evans
   Frank Evens is a very unique artisan, in the way he creates his artwork. Not uncommonly his art is very detailed, and his most popular drawings are his Lighthouses. His art has been called Elgreco, Rembrant, and yet others have said it to be in the style of Van Gogh. However Frank Evens' art is simply Frank Evans, and there can be no comparison, no one has ever done what he does. Why? You have to see the drawings to comprehend, you see the detail, then the uncomprehendable reality sinks in, this is done with markers. Markers, no erasing, no painting over ones mistakes, just a very unforgiving medium, and not one normally yielding to detail.
Jewel of the Port Lorain
This was Frank Evans' first Lighthouse Drawing. It is reminiscent of the stormy skies the Great Lakes are so well known for. And if one looks to long they will notice the reflection in the water to be a reflection in time, the old Lighthouse before it's modernization.
Thomas Alva Edison
Although Crimson, White as Snow
An imaginary winterscape, a piece from his mind, a glance back in time. 
Marblehead Lighthouse
One of Franks most beautiful pieces, a very detailed, and very flattering rendition of the Marblehead Lighthouse.
Changing Seasons
Another landscape, this one denoting a change in seasons, and again totally out of his mind. Yet, over the years many have come to reference this piece as The Jewish Festival of Seasons spoken of in Leviticus, Chapter 23.

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