Adults Only

Not my fault my hubby made me do it. Sunshine was a little Pregnant during the times of our shoots, and just a little shy at first. But her inhibitions came down, and she was a real sweetheart.

Sunshine's Mini-Series are available to Webmasters for $20 a set, $35 for two sets, or $50 for three sets (these prices do not apply to Special Collections).
Sunshine as Sculpture, a Special Colection. Sculpted in clay & kiln (the sculpture that comes to life). There are 87 images total in this series. $100
Sunshine's Bondage CD, a Special Colection. Set as a fancy roast (tied with veggies around her), and pix of her as a captive in a abandon building. There are 120 images total in this series. $100
Most pix are 756 X 504 & 576 X 436.

Please send check or money order for all sets to:
Frias Network
PO Box 732
Beatty NV 89003
Some Thumbs of Sunshines available sets below
Cooking Kitchen Shower Office
Train Vette 280Z Camaro
Mopping Track Hoe Bath Play Ground
Special Colections
Sculpture Bound Fancy Roast