Adults Only

Billing as a Mother Daughter team, Sugar was only available for the Interview.

Candee Mini-Series are available to Webmasters for $20 a set, $35 for two sets, or $50 for three sets (these prices do not apply to Special Collections).
Sugar's Interview, a Special Colection. Set in an Office, Candee interviews the new girl. All 6 sets $100.
Most Pix are 756 X 504

Please send check or money order for all sets to:
Frias Network
PO Box 732
Beatty NV 89003
Some Thumbs of Candee available sets below
38 Chevy 66 Cutlass set 1 66 Cutlass set 2 66 Cutlass set 3
F-20 Bridges Hiking set 1 Hiking set 2
Misic Behind the Seens
Special Colection
Interview set 1 Interview set 2 Interview set 3 Interview set 4
Interview camara 2 set 1 Interview camara 2 set 2