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Adult Decor: Mermaids, Corbels, Border, and much more to come.
Original artwork to renew the lost art of trim work for millwork.
Other Adult Art, Scribbles now available.

My greatest apologies for the lack of updates and responce. I recently moved to Nevada only to get into a Motorcycle accedent. I am out of the hospitital now, but it will still be a while before I am on my feet and can afford regular internet access again. So again my appologies, I will be back soon.

This is an ADULT oriented sight. If you are offended by any ADULT material PLEASE LEAVE. If you can not for any reason legally view ADULT material (i.e.. under age, or whatever) PLEASE LEAVE. Although this is an art sight (the E-Zine which is our sister sight, and some of our other links are purely adult) I prefer an adult banner on my art to respect the rights of those who are offended by female nudity ( I may be proud of my art, but i don't have to be a jerk about it and force it on people who don't want to see it :-). My artwork covers all mediams as I do not like to be restricted to any one way of expressing my dreams, although at this moment my sight mostley reflects only a small sample of my carvings.

As for my spelling, well if you do not like my creative spelling, I will simply quote a few words from George Washington " I feel sorry for anyone who can spell a word only one way." And a word from me "enjoy what I have to offer as I am putting it for our enjoyment, for the fun of it, this is me, and my spelling, or lack there of is simply part of me, I am a whole package, take me as I am, far from perfect, with no intentions of trying to be." And quite frankley for thoes who get irate over my spelling, quit crying, your energy would be much better spent on finding a better way to teach our children, our current way does not work.

Ah and finally why Fria. who else could a webpage that is dedicated to the beauty of women, be named after but the goddess of love, hence Fria's Network.

Fria, Freija, Freia, or Freya although records never quite agree was the Norse Goddess of women, of beauty, and finally of love. Yet others call her the Goddess of the harvest, of fertility. And others say she is the Goddess who caries dead heroes to the heavens. Regardless her name has always meant "The Fair One". She is the definition, and the essence of beauty, she is woman, hence my page is dedicated to her, as it is dedicated to love and beauty.



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Ron Paul For President. Strike an vote for the end of the Unconstitutional IRS, and end to the Unconstitutional printing of money (actually notes of debt) by US Banks, and return to Money backed by Gold as it is suppose to be, and reduce an over bloated Government. Ron Paul fights for the US Constitution, and honesty in Government. Yes he is Religious, what does that mean for the Adult Industry? I don't know, but Clintion's anti gun stand, Romney's return of the coat hanger clinics (anti abortion stand), and Obama's Muslim ties (Muslim is even more anti nude than the US). I certainly am pro woman, and pro black, and both are long overdue but... come on.


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